We help bring forward the Event industry excellence ​ into local communities’ convivial gatherings organization

The first emotional AI-powered, ​
real-life socialization platform ​
in the sharing economy

Born in the meticulous Swiss environment and driving commercial operations from New York, U.S.A.​, fortuite™ is a fast-growing global startup in the blossoming field
of matchmaking & socialization apps. ​
We are on a mission to empower people of all age groups to personalize and carefully craft gatherings of up to 50 individuals, according to their preferences, interests and budget. ​​

After social brokenness, let’s reach out to each other to ​ maintain local connections and togetherness!

Our Mission

We are forging a market-leading position thanks to our patent-pending
logistic and matchmaking AI technologies,
by bringing  people from virtual to real to form meaningful and long-lasting human connections.

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A Few Words From Our Founders​

suisse france JC Artonne

CEO & Co-Founder
“For me, fortuite is a unique chance
to contribute to this world by
providing a solution to meet the
 fundamental need of belongingness.
As a true techpreneur, I first used
technology to help people  connect
 virtually but now consider it my
responsibility to transition people
 back to real life  where they can
 meet, connect, feel happy and let
serendipity perform its magic.”

suisse france Isabelle Segarini

Executive VP Head of Operation & Co-Founder
“Fortuite reminds people of the
 idea that was at the heart of our
 society not only the commitment 
to ourselves but the vital
  commitment to each other,
including to those who are 
vulnerable. With fortuite, we invite
 people to start re-imagining and 
reweaving social relationships
through the organization of
 “fortuitous” meetings.”

suisse Noa Hirt

Expert influencer marketing &

“As an influencer, most people who
 approach me have hidden interests,
 which can prevent me from truly
 being myself. But a platform like
 fortuite, for me, is a helpful way to
 meet interesting and sincere people
 in real-time and exchange
 knowledge. Constant virtual
 communication has led us to forget
 that solid relationships take time and
 need a real touch. That’s where
 fortuite comes in.”

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