Why good cocktails are important
for our gatherings?​

Why good cocktails are important
for our gatherings?​

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Join us and help people have 
​magical real-life encounters while
enjoying a cocktail crafted by you!

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After social brokenness, let’s reach out to each other to ​ maintain local connections and togetherness!

Our new concept of gatherings offers attractive recurrent business and job opportunities
to event professionals like DJs, bartenders, venues managers, …

fortuiteTM aims at connecting, in carefully crafted and safe settings, up to 50 individuals with compatible personalities (thanks to with our AI system “Philotes”) and helping them reach out new potential friends, business partners and even romantic matches!

No one should feel lonely ever again!

Our mission is to solve for the involuntary loneliness and social isolation impacting our communities, nomatter people’s age, social or geographic origins.

Our Team gives you their warmest welcome

We are looking forward to creating the biggest community of partners worldwide in the Events industry. We cannot wait to build up this large family with you by our side! ​

Adrian van der Hoeven

Community & Events Business Development Manager

“When I think about my ideal partner, “trust” always comes first to my mind. There’s no way to develop a strong relationship without it. I want all my partners to know that they can rely on me.” ​

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