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Fortuite’s AI based platform allows the organization “on-demand” of private gatherings (ensuring end-to-end security, good value – price, and confidentiality) by adult users having common interests and wishing to create or extend their social networks (new friendships, business and / or romantic relationships).


Fortuite brings up a safe solution that can help to resolve the involuntary loneliness and social isolation impacting our communities, no matter people’s age, social or geographic origins.


Using the most sophisticated Predictive Methodologies, we are on a mission to empower our customers to personalize social gathering experiences according to their preferences, interests and budget, with a simple click.


JC Artonne
CEO & Co-Founder
Isabelle Segarini
Executive VP Head of Operation & Co-Founder
Noa Hirt
Expert influencer marketing & Co-Founder


Adrian van der Hoeven
Community & Events Business Development Manager
Caroline Bor
Hotels & Venues Business Development Manager


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